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Morssinkhof - Rymoplast

1. What is a cookie?
Morssinkhof – Rymoplast makes use of cookies. Cookies are small files which will be placed on your hard drive when visiting our website. This could for example be used to save your preferences, which we can use to optimize your next visit to our website.

2. What cookies do we use?

Below, a detailed list can be found with the cookies used on our website.

2.1. Functional cookies

Morssinkhof – Rymoplast makes use of functional cookies. These cookies are necessary for the functionality of contact@morssinkhofplastics.nl. In other words, they are necessary to deliver the service which is required by you.

Craft CMS

Our website makes use of the software created by Craft CMS. Craft makes use of cookies which are necessary to enable you to use the website. These cookies are essential for the functionality of the website and they will save user data as well as web session data.

Type: Functional (essential)
: Maximum of 1 year
: No personal information will be saved or shared with third parties.
information: https://craftcms.com/privacy

2.2 Tracking and analytical cookies
Morssinkhof - Rymoplast makes use of analytical cookies. These cookies are used to analyze the usage of our website by visitors. Information such as which page is visited most often can be used to optimize our website.

We make use of Google Analytics to measure how our website was found and how our website is used by our visitors. By means of this information, we are able to improve the functionality of our website. In case you refuse to give permission, we will not be able to place a cookie.
: Analytics
: These cookies will be removed when the website is closed
: Morssinkhof – Rymoplast has selected that your personal information will not be shared by Google to third parties.

Morssinkhof – Rymoplast has entered into a processing agreement with Google. Additionally, we chose to cover the last octet of your IP-address and no other Google services will be used in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.
More information: https://www.google.nl/intl/nl/ ...

3. New cookies
If Morssinkhof – Rymoplast decides to add new cookies in the future or changes its current cookie policy, we will always ask for your permission. Except if it concerns an essential cookie which is regarded as an exception according to the cookie policy.

4. Want to know more about cookies?

In case more information is required about cookies, the following links provided below can be used. Morssinkhof – Rymoplast cannot be held responsible for potential damage caused by the use of any information provided on the website of these third parties. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided will therefore be rejected by Morssinkhof – Rymoplast.

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